Accomodation, Holiday Home, Vesterålen,  Andøy, North Norway.

We offer accomodation in Holiday Home in Vesterålen by the sea with great views. 

Accomodation, Holiday home  in Vesterålen, Andøy, North Norway. The place is called Lovik and is a small calm, quiet village near by the sea. The house is 100 meters from the sea where there is a small boat harbour and a long sandy beach. The Holiday Home is situated near natur and you can enjoy a lovely view of Andfjorden and horizon. You can also see the beautiful mountains of Senja, Grytøy and Bjarkøy.

Bisycle Rental.

Holiday Home, accomodation in The yellow house from 1750, restored 2012

The holiday home has a livingroom, kitchen and bathroom/toilet on the main floor, and can accommodate up to 8 persons in two bedrooms and one loft room. The bedrooms are on the first floor. The house is fully equipped for all housekeeping needs including free access to TV, freezer, dish washer, washing machine and tumble dryer.

accomodation Holiday home Vesterålen Andoy North norway

The Yellow house in autmn

Our Holiday Home  has a nice atmosphere. Restored in 2012.

Accomodation, Holiday Home  from 1750. 

The Yellow house is a traditional house.

Pets are not allowed. Smoking is not allowed.

Holiday Home, accomodation in The red house from 1918, restored 1914.

The house has a livingroom, kitchen and bathroom/toilet on the main floor, and can accommodate up to 5 persons in two bedrooms. The bedrooms are in the attic with sloped loft and low doors. The house is fully equipped for all housekeeping needs including free access to dish washer and washing machine.

The house has a nice atmosphere.

Accomodation holiday home vesterålen, Andoy north norway

The red house in autumn

Accomodation, Holiday Home from 1918 .

The Red house is a traditional house.

Smoking is not allowed.

An Award 1914 for our holiday home.

Our holiday homes in Vesterålen were lucky and got an award from Fortidsminneforeningen for restoration . This association aims to stimulate to preserve old buildings.

accomodatiom, holiday Home, Vesterålen, andoy, North Norway

Happy winners.

accomodation, holiday home, vesterålen, andoy, north norway

Preservation Price plaque

It involves a plaque to put on the wall at the Red House. Inspiring for us – thank you!

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