News about Loviktunet

We were lucky to get an article about Loviktunet in Scan Magazine, an English flight Magazine.

Nov issue 2019

Please take a look at the article here:

Loviktunet a nostalgic holiday in Norway

Our new important product is cultural communication from July 2021

Loviktunet will be expanded with an exciting building. Start in Spring 2020. The exterior of the house will look like an old barn and fit the Yellow and Red houses. Inside it will be modern and practical by today’s standard

The new barn- drawn by Tor Ivar Grav

Our product is among other things:

  • Courses in old craft techniques such as woodturning, metal forging, spinning yarn
  • Courses in traditional food, old building custom and maintenance of wooden traditional boats 
  • Course participants can stay at Loviktunet.
  • A museum exhibit on farmer and fisherman culture in Nordland.
  • We will of course rent out the building for other events as well

We welcome both Norwegian and foreign customers.

Our new building